Total Fund Analysis

Wilshire Compass allows a fund sponsor to perform comparisons of their plan versus others of a similar size and structure. Organized by plan type and size, fund sponsors are able to:

  • gain insight into the asset allocation strategies of their peers,
  • identify broad based trends in asset allocation decisions,
  • evaluate the total fund performance versus peers and separate asset classes.

Should we increase our allocation to real estate?

What is the trend in DB Plans’ exposure to alternative asset classes?

How has our fund performed compared to others?

These or similar questions may need to be answered at an investment committee meeting or upon request of a board member and with Wilshire Compass you can generate meaningful analysis and provide worthwhile answers. Click Here to request an illustration of how Wilshire Compass would assist in performing a total fund analysis.

All fund sponsors are invited to receive a complimentary total fund analysis generated by Wilshire Compass. All plan information is held confidential and published anonymously for purposes of analysis.