Wilshire Compass Monitor

Whether you are seeking to supplement in-house research capabilities, be better informed for meetings with your consultant and/or investment committee or simply wish to leverage qualitative analysis conducted by an unbiased third party, Wilshire Compass Monitor can help you make more informed investment decisions.

Compiled and scored by Wilshire’s manager research group, with over 35 investment professionals involved in the process, Wilshire Compass Monitor can become a valuable extension of your internal due diligence capabilities. You have the expertise; however, the time and resources required to effectively conduct qualitative assessments and evaluations can still be a challenge for many investment teams.

Each Wilshire Compass Monitor report evaluates key qualitative elements contributing to a product’s overall performance including organization, research capabilities, forecasting, portfolio construction, implementation and attribution. These separately scored criteria are rolled up into one Total Qualitative Score. In addition to face-to-face meetings with managers, ongoing monitoring and carefully scrutinized responses to Wilshire’s proprietary due diligence questionnaire, Wilshire’s research team incorporates quantitative and risk analysis conducted with multiple technology solutions developed at Wilshire over the past 40 years.

Employ Wilshire Compass Monitor to:

  • gain confidence in your due diligence findings
  • access concise evaluations on over 1,400 institutional investment products
  • focus valuable internal resources on higher valued activities
  • apply the Wilshire Total Qualitative Score to your investment process
  • utilize the same insight at the foundation of Wilshire’s consulting services
Wilshire Compass Monitor can be viewed as an important addition to any rigorous manager selection process. Please contact us for additional information or a free sample Wilshire Compass Monitor report.