Manager Evaluation

Wilshire Compass provides plan sponsors and institutional investors with access to the Wilshire Investment Database and an integrated suite of user-friendly tools for identifying, evaluating and monitoring skilled managers. Available on an annual licensing basis, Wilshire Compass is a cost-effective means to obtain one of the industry’s most respected and essential institutional investment databases and the tools necessary to conduct proper manager evaluations.

The Wilshire Investment Database contains over 42,000 investment vehicles:

  • 10,000 separate account products
  • 28,000 mutual fund products (Lipper)
  • 1,800 ETFs
  • 3,200 indices
  • Hedge funds and hedge fund of funds
  • Private equity and private real estate (Coming Soon)
  • 275 total funds (large institutional plans)
  • 100 fundamental portfolio characteristics

In addition to supplying historical monthly and quarterly performance information, the Wilshire Investment Database provides in-depth qualitative profiles of investment managers including: organization structure and resources, key investment professional information, investment philosophies, fee schedules, growth of assets and number of accounts. Perhaps the most distinct aspect of the Wilshire Investment Database is that it captures holdings-based fundamental characteristics enabling clients to easily conduct returns-based and holdings-based analysis.

Integrated with this robust and expansive set of qualitative and quantitative performance information are intuitive tools for:

  • screening the database
  • generating manager summary reports
  • conducting attribution and style analysis
  • producing universe comparisons
  • calculating industry essential statistics
  • creating custom analysis and reporting

An often overlooked aspect of the Wilshire Investment Database is that it contains over 100 portfolio characteristics of actual equity portfolios calculated by Wilshire Associates’ proprietary equity risk model. As a result, Wilshire Compass clients have the ability to screen the database on various characteristics including style exposures, market capitalization statistics, sector and country allocations, price/book, price/earnings and yield. Similarly, Wilshire publishes over 60 fixed income portfolio characteristics collected directly from the managers.